Issued Capital

Issued share capital with voting rights (Ordinary Shares held via Chess Depository Interests (CDIs) and Depository Interests (DIs))146,642,227
Class A Performance Shares

Class B Performance Shares



Unlisted Options, exercise price of 16.6 cents, expiring 17 August 20203,750,000
Unlisted Options, exercise price of 58 cents, expiring 03 January 2020400,000

  Significant Shareholders

NameCDIs% of CDIs
Cadence Minerals Plc

JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited

ARMCO Barriers Pty Ltd *

Mr Keith Coughlan **









Director Shareholdings

NameCDIs% of CDIs
Mr Keith Coughlan (held directly & indirectly)9,350,0006.38
Mr David Reeves (held directly & indirectly)4,020,2442.74
Mr Kiran Morzaria (held directly & indirectly)28,296,47019.30
Mr Richard Pavlik (held directly)300,0000.20

* ARMCO Barriers Pty Ltd and Road & Construction Supplies of Australia Pty Ltd for the Keller Super Fund A/C have an aggregate interest in 14,795,500 ordinary shares (via CDIs).  ARMCO Barriers Pty Ltd is interested in 13,137,500 CDIs, Road & Construction Supplies of Australia Pty Ltd as trustee for the Keller Super Fund A/C is interested in 1,000,000 CDIs and a related party to these entities is interested in 658,000 CDIs.

** Mr Keith Coughlan is indirectly interested in 9,350,000 ordinary shares (via CDIs).  Inswinger Holdings Pty Ltd, of which he is a director, is interested in 8,500,000 CDIs and 850,000 CDIs are held in escrow.

Shares Not In Public Hands

In so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company’s issued share capital that is not in public hands is 60.44%.

Date: 1 May 2019